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Issue 14 - June 2008

Issue 13 - April 2008

Issue 12 - December 2007

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The Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre came into existence on June 1 2004 with the overall aims of:

  • Examining the most effective ways to increase knowledge and skills for tobacco control policy implementation and practice development among public health workers.  This work is to be carried out in alliances with local government, non governmental organisations and other sectors of the economy

  • Increasing appropriate tobacco control activity and building capacity to develop tobacco control practices

  • Developing and making available appropriate support materials for the implementation of tobacco control measures in statutory and non-statutory sectors in the UK

  • Providing those working in the field of tobacco control with an authoritative source of advice, information and resources

  • Contributing to the development of a skilled and effective tobacco control workforce

From the Centre’s inception however it has adhered to two key principles which remain:

  • The Centre will work within existing structures and with existing organisations

  • The Centre will avoid duplicating work being undertaken by others working in the field of tobacco control